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Many have asked what do I wear to Training/Deployments and what about uniforms?

Check out the SOP for Uniforms here; and the DMORT VII patch locations here.

Many members who have been with DMORT for awhile currently have what we call a Khaki Blouse and Khaki pant style NDMS/DMORT Uniform.

Click here to download a list of uniform sources for ordering.

The topic HERE is about building your own DMORT wardrobe. DMORT is not responsible to provide or pay for ALL the clothes you wear in a Deployment.
For example, at Katrina, it was really hot, and we all went through a lot of clothing.
Sure laundry was provided, later on, but all members should have extra sets of DMORT clothing (ie green shirts with the DMORT logo.) How many depends really on your own budget, the weather conditions, and your personal hygiene needs.

I have enclosed an attachment from a company called "EmbroidME" in Baton Rouge La. Many DMORT Teams have purchased a lot of their personal DMORT clothing from them and this is a good place to begin to build your wardrobe for dress shirts, polo shirts, and T-shirts. The order turn around time should be less than 2 weeks.

Disclaimer**** No DMORT 7 member has stock or personal interest in this company!

Our contact person is:
Cheryl Schaubhut
10510 Airline Hwy, Suite D
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
225-293-7388 fax 225-293-7386
Click here to download the visual concept and order form to fax.
Prices: 2006 Price listed below

Polo shirts: ( PINE Green color only please)
short: Long sleeve
Cost: s-xl 25.50 s-xl: 29.50
2x 27.50 2x 31.50
3x 28.50 3x 32.50

Bill Blass Dress Shirt: Hunter GREEN only
Short sleeve Long sleeve

s-xl 34.25 s-xl 37.75
2x 39.75 2x 39.75
3x: 41.76 3x 41.75

T-Shirts Forrest Green only

short sleeve Long Sleeve
s-xl 11.63 s-xl 12.40
2x 13.63 2x 14.40
3x 14.63 3x 15.40

The DMORT LOGO and the embroidery are included in the Price.
Shipping not included.
On the Order Sheet: Write in: 1. "DMORT NDMS LOGO" in the blank for Left chest
3. Region: DMORT REGION 7
4. Title: OMIT THIS

Use the necessary codes that are in the attachment when completing your order
and fax it to Cheryl. Of course call her for questions about the order-- and what the company return policy is-- if any?
New and old members may want to order a catalog from CAVPRO or call 1-800-200-9455 or 1-800-77-7172 to order a catalog.
This is where extra khaki BDU pants, blouses and black work boots can be ordered in the FUTURE, if necessary.

We are not trying to create a financial burden here. You will need some GREEN DMORT Clothing in the future if and when you are deployed. Again, This is not a reimbursable expense. This is at your own expense.

Please note the DMORT guidelines regarding Uniforms/Shirts.
1. DMORT apparel/ or any DMORT/NDMS clothing is NOT to be worn when you are NOT on deployment, or NOT on the DMORT clock, or NOT working for DMORT.
Most members do not wear these clothes when traveling.
Please do NOT wear this clothing when you are off duty: example: out for dinner, out socially ( bar), or at HOME at the kids soccer game. I know all members will honor this requests.

2. People who do NOT have applications currently in process should wait to order these shirts. There will be ample time to order this clothing once you are approved by Command and HQ.
The order turn around time is again, less than 2 weeks.


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